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The Florida Constitution gives every person facing imprisonment, as a result of a criminal charge, the right to a trial by jury. In Clearwater, jury trials take place at the Criminal Justice Center located at 14250 49th Street North. The jury trial will consist of 6 jurors selected from the community. These jurors will render a verdict based upon the evidence presented and the applicable law given at the trial. There must be unanimous juror agreement on the verdict.

A jury trial can last for several days, depending on the circumstances of the DUI and other factors relevant to the case. For a DUI in Clearwater, the jury trial is the same as any other criminal case. First the jurors will be selected through a series of questioning from both the State Attorney and the defense. Then the trial will begin with opening statements from each party, followed by the examination of witnesses possessing important information to the case. Each side will have the opportunity to question each witness. The trial will conclude with closing arguments from both parties, and the judge will instruct the jury of the applicable law. The jury will then deliberate and render a verdict. Once the verdict is presented, the judge will decide a sentence based on the verdict.

Facing a criminal charge in Clearwater can be intimidating and often times life-altering. It is important to know the procedures and processes of each step of the case. Do not go at it alone.Call the skilled DUI trial attorneys of Finebloom and Haenel at 727-222-3610 right away. We want to help.


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