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A temporary driving permit is issued by the Bureau of Administrative Review, located at 4585 140th Avenue North, Suite 1002 in Clearwater, when a person arrested for DUI has requested a hearing to challenge a license suspension. This temporary permit is a piece of paper consisting of critical information about the driver. This permit gives the driver limited driving privileges for approximately 42 days; long enough for the review hearing to occur. The driver must be able to present this permit at all times when driving a vehicle. Failure to show the permit can result in an arrest and time served in county jail.

The temporary permit restricts the scope of driving privileges. A person with a temporary permit may only drive for business purposes. Florida law defines business purposes as any driving necessary to maintain livelihood. This includes necessary driving for work, education, religion and medical purposes. Failure to abide by these restrictions could result in additional criminal charges.

The temporary permit does not serve as a valid government ID. While a license suspension is being challenged, the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles will not issue a Florida ID card. If a Florida ID card is issued, the Bureau of Administrative Review will not issue the temporary permit to drive. Thus, if a person arrested for DUI in Clearwater needs a government ID, he or she must use another form of government ID, such as a passport.


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