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DUI With Property Damage

DUI with property damage occurs when you drive while intoxicated and damage the property that belongs to someone else. The most popular examples of DUI with property damage are situations where a person who is driving while intoxicated hits another car or hits a mailbox. You may be charged with DUI with property damage if you were cited for a DUI as the result of an accident investigation.

DUI with property damage is a first degree misdemeanor. It carries a maximum penalty of one year in the county jail. There is also a fine of $1000. If you are convicted your license can be suspended and your car can be impounded. In almost all cases you will be placed on probation to complete DUI School and restitution can be ordered.

Restitution is an amount of money the court orders you to pay in order to “make the other party whole.” This means that if you hit a person’s mailbox, you can be required to pay to fix or replace the mailbox. If you hit another car, you can be required to pay the amount it takes to repair the car.

When the court orders you to pay restitution, some people will try to take advantage of you. Sometimes they ask for reimbursement for repairs that were not made or that were unnecessary. Other times they ask for money that they did not have to pay. Other times they will just make up numbers rather than providing receipts. If you do not have an experienced attorney helping you through the process, you could end up paying money that you do not need to pay.

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